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Fragrance Facts

Learn more about Perfume and how we use it

  • Try to avoid strong light (sun) and high temperatures as this damages the perfume in the spray bottle.

  • Perfumes can get darker over a period of time in the bottle.

  • Every perfume has been created to last a certain length of time on the skin, not all perfumes are designed to last the same length of time.

  • The darker coloured perfumes are not necessarily longer lasting perfumes.

  • Perfume creation can be compared to musical compositions whereby several individual notes of smell are blended together to form an accord and several accords blended together form a final composition with top notes, middle notes and base notes producing the HARMONY that is perfumery.

  • A perfume creation can consist of 80-150 separate ingredients which are blends of natural and organic oils.

  • Perfume is comparable to good wine which matures over time, so a freshly purchased bottle of perfume has not had a chance to fully mature but can be used immediately.

  • Factors can effect a fragrance on your skin, menstrual cycle, diet, smoking, general hygiene, acidity, medication, general health, oily or dry skin.

  • Perfume needs to be shared and requires as much surface to radiate from. So why not spray it all over the body on the hair and on the clothing.