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Do you have a 'nose' for business...and a 'nose' for perfume? As a reputable perfume factory in Pretoria, we are always looking for talented and motivated individuals who would like to sell perfumes from the comfort of their homes

Earn Extra Income!

Why Perfume?

With the ever-soaring prices of original fragrances, being able to smell your best is no longer an option for many people. That is why wholesale perfumery is one of the most lucrative industries for men and women alike to get into. The industry is so large that it has plenty of space for brands, celebrities and smaller boutique perfume manufacturers.

What's in it for me?

  • Lucrative Industry – as one of the most lucrative industries for both men and women, wholesale perfume is a great business to get into.

  • Huge Untapped Market - with potential customers from all demographics (age, sex, education level, income level and race).

  • Great Profitability – your efforts are rewarded with a sliding scale of profit back in your pocket.

  • Very little start-up costs - order a starter kit to suit your pocket.

  • Top quality products - we pride ourselves in being one of the top perfume manufacturers in South Africa who source the fines quality perfume oils to manufacture our perfumes.

  • Excellent Value Proposition –  with the ever-soaring prices of original perfumes, being able to smell your best has become an option for only an elite few. Wholesale perfumery allows many more individuals access to great, exotic scents at very affordable prices.

  • Easy to sell product –  by word-of-mouth, you can quickly become a top perfume reseller in your own circle of friends, and grow your business organically.

  • Easy to follow business model – our business model has proven to be successful for many entrepreneurs and individuals. By following our business model and guidelines, you will be able to:

    • Run your own business!

    • Take control of your own time!

    • Determine your own income!

    • Work from anywhere!

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