Our Motto
Fragrantly Yours, The House of Rouelle Fragrances (Pty) Ltd. Your personal Fragrance experience……….to share.
Our Mission
To enable our agents to run their own successful businesses with our close support providing world class products and service, with exceptional quality at very competitive prices.
Corporate Profile
Rouelle Fragrances (Pty) Ltd is a provider of French Perfumery created by the most talented international perfumers. Fragrances has been our business since 1972, selecting only the very finest oils blended by strictly the most reputable fragrance houses.
Our History
“Of course all the senses, none surely is so mysterious as that of smell…the nature of the emanations that stir it to activity is still unknown…its effects upon the psyche are both wide and deep, at once obvious and subtle” Dr D McKenzie from Study of Smells.
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